A Global Action
who will transform planet Earth...


And they cease to buy
industrialised intoxicant products.

WHY EAT ONLY FRUIT AND VEGETABLES will it change something?

When 10% of the world population eat only fresh fruits and vegetables, the authorities will understand whereas they cannot handle the people any more. But the principal action is to cease nourishing the Beast. To cease entering the play to contribute to pay the atrocities which the leaders impose. To cease consuming the industrialised products voluntarily marketed to intoxicate the people and to enrich the Authorities.

The People of the planet Earth force the authorities to cease any manipulation, any repression, any genocide, any pollution while ceasing consuming all the adulterated products, pollutants, contaminants and that make you asinine (like alcohol and cigarette). If there are no more demands, there will be no more offers. We must changed our demands so that the Authorities offer other things (or they will disappear). We do not have to undergo any more what is economically imposed (which is always against Nature).

We have now all the necessary tools to restore a paradisiac state on the Earth. Useless to await the outside assistance to realize it in our place, as much divine or extraterrestrial that it could be. We have to help the Planet to regenerate itself. It is simply necessary to stop the process of overconsumption which gives wealth (money) to the Authorities and which makes the people sick, docile and unconscious (“drug addict” in several manners). The pharmaceutical one is most important industry. It controls the food industry. Why?

Because all the medical business (medicine, drugs, operations, equipment, hospital…) generate fortunes… only if we are sick. Most lucrative of the businesses is that of the disease. Therefore, the Authorities force to us to buy products which intoxicate our body, for then forcing us to poison us still more by buying other chemicals (even more toxic, but especially enormously lucrative). A sick body, which suffers is necessarily a intoxicated body. The cure can occur only by purification and not from medication. And it is much easier to handle a sick or intoxicated human.


1. To reduce the consumption of processed food by the giants of agribusiness industry. If only one industry under the control of the mondialists is touched, they will all be (oil/transport, banks, armament, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, publicity, manufacturer/packing). Industrialised food produces a great deal of the pollutions on the planet, but most, it nourrishes the health care systems based on chemicals.

2. For ultimately optimize our health on all levels. We propose to devote 6 months of our life to detoxicate the our in order to help it to restore its optimal potential. To purify the body, is to purify also the Planet, and that on ALL the levels. We cannot quite simply preserve our current spending patterns as consumers. No need to wait longer, because the more one waits, the more the intoxication is important, the more it is difficult to change, the more regeneration is painful, the more the cure is impossible

We do not ask any more for a change,
we apply it!

All that will arrive because many people will undertake the same action,
at the same time, with the same goal,
independently of their beliefs and their origins...

The chain reaction which follows the advertisement of this Action plan on a world level will slowly transform the core of the society. Because the whole world will know that it does not have other solutions than to abandon packaged food. Lastly, an action which implies all the human beings in a common search: to have the right to evolve/move freely and harmoniously on this beautiful planet which belongs to all. We all are of the equal living organisms evolving/moving in an ecosystem.

Each time we buy the processed products sold in the restaurants, groceries or supermarkets, we give power to the mondialists who control all: banks, pharmaceutical and agroalimentary companies, armaments, oil, transport, and… the media (including publicity) which take part in their propaganda… arts (music, film…), sports. We also contribute to the exploitation of the people of the Earth which produce those products that we consume, and they are kept in the misery and the hunger, those millions of workers exploited in filthy factories (including one great percentage of young children).

Stop denouncing and ACT now.

Join the intention which is PLANETSHIFT to create the world that ALL the HUMANS wish,
a world in peace, healthy and free of any form of authority.

People who are against globalization, against the aberration of the war, which wants to see ceasing the cut of the trees, which want to see disappearing pollution, etc, must IMMEDIATELY take action. Because all the solutions exist to make transform back Earth into a Paradise.

Let us not wait any more after the changes,
we make them arrive.

Discover how next civilization will function.
Be the Pionners of the very new revolutionary community:
(Environment for a Divine Evolution in Nature).

A new system will be set up before the final transition does not start and that:

  • the new companies are allowed to commercialise Free energy devices and technologies of depollution;
  • the Health and of Cures centers are established everywhere to help people in their detoxifying process;
  • new Agriculture had time to be developped just as the distribution networks of the equitable fruit and vegetables;
  • culture of the hemp (which provided clothing, paper, construction materials, oil, etc) is undertaken to put an end to the cut of the trees everywhere on planet;
  • and that the structures necessary and the relevant organizations are in function. (free resources of support and assistance will be widely offered).

Larger will be the number of participants
with the PlanetShift's action,
more the Planet will be able to regenerate itself.


  • All those which wonder what they could make to change things in the world and which have the faith in a righter world.
  • All those which can no longer observe as much pollution caused by polluting energies (oil, nuclear power, coal, hydro).
  • All those which are fed up of the multinationals which pollute Nature and intoxicate the People.
  • All the students of the world who wonder how to fit actively in the current society.
  • All the people who fear an authority.
  • All Catholics, Moslems, Arabs, Jews…
  • All devitalized young people, revolted, “without future”, all those which believe that it is possible.
  • All ecologists.
  • All the rappers, the jazzmen, rockers, the sopranos who want to sing the Paradise.
  • All yogis, priests, monks.
  • All sick ones, the poor (they do not eat well by choice but for lack of money, ignorance and advertising propaganda).
  • All depressed, the suicidal ones (the ones that don't think even any more of eating because they do not know why they should do it…)
  • All protesters, indignants...À TOUS LES INDIGNÉS(ES)...

    Do you fit in one of these groups ?

Now we have a real possible sphere of activity. An intention fraught with consequences which will quickly lead us directly and to the paradise on Earth.

For the first time in History,
the People have the Power.

This mass assertion will not leave any more the possibility to the future generations of regressing in pollution and violence.

Make the choice to eat
only fruits and vegetables for 6 months.

It is not asked to you to climb the Everest here,
nor to make an action of civil disobedience
who would put you in prison,
or to loose your life
by taking the weapons against the Oppressor.

Nothing of all that. Rather make the choice put to you at the alive diet for 6 months and note the effects that will have on your health and and on the planet. Stop buying useless products... fashion... Stop nourrihing the economy that you denounce. The trash will be reduced about 80%!

It is to choose obedience with your instinct and Nature. All your vitality will be raised and you will become an active pioneer in the most palpitating era of humanity.

But in any events, we have a choice to make.

Because the Planet cannot support any more what we impose to it. The consensus is clear on this point even in the scientific world.

There is no possible miracle for to do everything disappear: i.e. it is to us to repair the harm caused to the planet.
Thus let us cease giving our power to the corporations by buying their intoxicated, dead products, or to the politicians who lie to us (for the majority) and which maintains the close links or which are directly implied with the companies which poison our bodies and pollute the environment, which steal the community property and which kill with impunity.
We have already a bunch of good ideas to propose and solutions to be implemented immediately and we want to add yours to the list.
Take your ticket for a new world, that which we will have create

It is impossible not to recognize that the human being exaggerates in its practices of life. Several activities which the majority finds normal, desirable, pleasant… are completely useless, but especially, nourish the System which generates the threat of the disappearance of our species.

l est impossible de ne pas reconnaître que l'être humain exagère dans ses habitudes de vie. Plusieurs activités que la majorité trouve normale, souhaitable, agréable... sont totalement inutiles, mais surtout, nourrissent le Système qui engendre la menace de la disparition de notre espèce.

Very objectively, consult the following section: the
ABANDONMENTS which humanity can carry out for QUICKLY restoring balance, freedom, Peace, Paradise (this would be only during one certain time of purification…).



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is possible
by the UNION

Apple: symbole of Health; inversion of one image of the modern technology (Apple).
Green leaf: regeneration of the Planet.
Bite: it is necessary to make disappear California, sits of the propaganda of our unhealthy lifestyle for the body and planet.


It is in the return to the Elements that you will find Happiness, Joy of Life, Liberty for your actions, the gratification of your creativity, the wonder at the magic of life and its rhythms.

Nature removes all addictions. No more trying to avoid tasks that you are obliged to do.

Each of your choices must be made according to:

1- Your survival

2- Your well-being

3- Learning metaphysical Laws

4- Integrating the Teachings of Nature and Cosmos

5- Servicing others

First of all, you must ensure your survival. This is achieved by choosing a place to live (evolutionary) where you materialize a home to suit your needs (much reduced from those in your actual social life, no need to have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a wine cellar, double garage).

Then establish your self-sufficiency. I can assure you that whoever you are, regardless of your current financial state: YOU ARE ABLE TO DIVINELY achieve this transfer, and many of you may even help others to do the same.