Eh yes! several of you denounce all the injustices and atrocities of the current world. You shout against universalization, against the wars… But, you do not want give up your small whims, your small pleasures… which nourish the System. Several of you are even rivetted in front of a television set which is only used to program you (and without you realizing it… be conscient of your dependences with the tobacco, alcohol, with drugs, with the junkfood!!!).
WE ARE ALL PART OF THE PROBLEM. If the EVIL exists, it is that we nourish it, we buy products which do nothing but ultimately enrich even more the international bankers. The Authorities do everything to poison you and divert you. They poison you because they control the most lucrative business of the planet, the pharmaceutical one. They divert you so you don't realize their crookednesses (financial and warlike). Then, be thus just a little bit honest for once in your life. Affirm Yourself!

Abandonment of alcohols

it is the worst enemy of the human being, and it is increasingly popular, particularly in the young people (because of easy availability). Alcohol degrades the drinkers, causes a loss of control of reality. It deadens the people.

Abandonment of the tobacco, the cigarettes
2nd worse enemy, chokes the creativity, deadens the magic, tars your energy, irritates the cells, attracts the viruses… The governments authorize the sale of a killer product just to make money with the generated illnesses and accelerated death (and taxes).

Abandonment of sugar
destroyed the will, reduced the concentration, dumb the gustatory sentinels, weighs down, produced consumers dreamers...

Abandonment of the Christmas presents
here is one of the most difficult abandonment to do, because it's a practice that have been highly programmed. My mother always told me: "Christmas, is the feast of the Jews". By that, she meant the feast of jewish Par cela, elle voulait dire, the feast of the Jewish tradesmen, the Jewish bankers, the Jewish conveyors… of the Jewish world commerce. The majority of the large retail stores, like the ones in shopping mall, make their annual benefit only in november and december. The rest of the year, they have montly defecits (the sales don't cover the charges of the rent, the employees, maintenance, insurance...). It is in December that there is the largest plus grand wasting and the most important pollutions on the planet. les plus importantes pollutions sur la planète. The transportation of people (cars, planes...) and goods (planes, boats, trucks...) is at their maximum (and moreover, in the northen countries, fossil energy–they always rise the price of gas– and electric reaches peaks). Look outside along the streets to realize all the garbage. All those unusefull packagings... all those polluting merchandise transportation... only to sell some colored junk... just for the people to give gifts to make them forgiven of the errors done during the year, their absence, their lack of expression of love. And for that, the majority of people are involved in debt and must pay interests during several months the following year. People get drunk instead of expressing their love. To boycott the Christmas presents is the most fatal action for all those multinationals, those families of bankers... Cease this pagan practice would be one of greatest blow to give to cease the finance of the wars.

Abandonment of paper
to reduce the paper consumption, use of PDFs, JPEGs via Internet, safeguard of the forests, reduction of the pollution of transport of the printed products… Buy neither newspapers any more, nor magazines (politic, fashion, sports, stars/movies). If nobody reads the news, the leaders are nothing any more.

Abandonment of the coffee
clog the organism and disturbs the cerebral activity, exploitation of workers, production and distribution polluting...

Abandonment of the dairy products
food to produce calves (commercialised to force you to think and act like a calve), people easy to handle, manufactures good workers, generates patients (colds, allergies, cardiac problems, diseases and the cancer of the skin, the osteoporosis, various cancers…).

Abandonment of the laboratories of chemicals

the humans will never be able to replace Nature. The principle of the life on this planet is based on regeneration, recycling. Nature can with difficulty recycle what the human industries produce.

Abandonment of the meats
creation of aggressive humans, astronomical exploitation of natural resources of which water, massive productions of pollants, ingestion of dangerous chemicals, clogging of the organism… You rage against those who destroy the tropical forests (Amazonia), but you are the ones who force them to do it. Change your consumers' patterns and the industries will change.

Abandonment of the planes, last trips
the planes pollute the air, exploitation of oil. Prepare yourself and make a last trip to establish you in the desired country… where you could be self-sufficent.

Abandonment of packaging
all that is packed is strictly to take back the money you received from your work. They will make more money with you from all the illnesses that those industrialised products will generate. Those food products are packed, colored, flavored, preserved, texturized... and publicized... No industrialized food product is produced for enhancing your health, on the contrary. Disease is the most lucrative business. Pharmaceutical companies share the same chimical labs than the food industry...

Abandonment of the media
television, newspapers, magazines, films… are only used to program the people to accept the decisions of the Authorities… If nobody had listened to the televised messages of Bush or Obama, would not have read their speeches in the newspapers, they would have then been even more than one true empty puppet that they are. And that is true for any political authority who is used as frontage for the New World Order which is already in place and functional.

Abandonment of the politic
ALL elections in all the countries are arranged in advance. That is even truer since the arrival of the electronic “machines to vote”. Only one company electronically receives all the votes in a country… without the voters receiving any receipt confirming their vote.
It would be preferable to propose and vote on societies' problems via Internet...

Abandonment of the megas-farms

they all use the tons of chemicals of all kinds, waste water, produce devitalized products… and use polluting transport...

Abandonment of the income tax
these are the taxes which nourish mainly the injustices, the wars, the genocides... Income taxt was created for the governments to be able to pay back the bankers (all jews). The majority of people think that not to pay income tax is illegal. Those which have courage to fight this form of illegal contribution, waste much time and energy, while living in a stress. The SOLUTION IS MUCH SIMPLER AND LEGAL: write to your government and say to them that you agree to produce your income tax, but that you defer it one year. That you give 12 months to the government to change its various policies (which you specify in your letter according to your country). If they do not change their policies (about the central bank, the wars...), you will defer one 2nd time your income tax form and that as a long as their policies will not be changed.
This is completely legal. You do not conceal yourselves with the requirements of gouvernment, because they cannot prevent you from producing a income tax declaration several years after the deadline, which several people do. You completely have the right to produce your income tax declaration 5 years after the year of assessment. THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL ACTION... if the governments don't receive your money, they are fucked up!

Abandonment of the banks
bankers exploit you by lending to you money which does not even exist. False debts are created… They create economic crises recurringly… It is at the time of these that the greatest richnesses are generated… for a handfull of international bankers and their good friends.
TAKE OUT YOUR MONEY of the banks.
EMPTY your bank accounts… and invest your money in land where you will be able to cultivate your food all year round; buy laptops, iPads, battery tools, seeds, sewing machines, solar panels, windmills, artistic material, tools for gardening… all that will help you to reach the self-sufficiency. Those bankers control everything... they are the one to get rich... they have cashed during centuries on the back of people... it is now time that the refund us... they don't have enough money to pay everyone... so be the first to empty your bank accounts...

Abandonment of the Stock Exchange
clever system for periodically withdrawing the richnesses of the middle-class. It is neither more nor less than one hidden tax. With each economic crisis, a small number of individuals (families of international bankers, mainly of the Jews) make the greatest fortunes. The money does not disappear… it is simply deviate towards other and fewer pockets.

Abandonment of the weapons

that the Leaders who wish to invade a country, fight finally between themselves… with their fists or with a sword. Before launching a war, they will think of it twice… «Bombard» the soldiers of emails to ridicule them… to be stupid to agree to be puppets, cannon fodder… for infamous bankers.

Abandonment of the borders

the borders are in fact prisons. We are the only specy which cannot move freely on this planet. That has any meaning, no logic, no justice. The planet belongs to everyone, as we are all living organisms, of the ant to the elephant… Each human being, as a living organism, should have the right to evolve/move where he wants, any time that he wants.
Prepare sentences to be said in all languages to face the customs officers.
- I am a free person.
- The Earth belongs to me.
- The Earth belongs to all.
- Nobody can prevent me from going where I want on this Earth.

Abandonment of the lotteries and the casinos
another clever system to recover the money gained by the workers. The lotteries aim the poorest. Ask rich people around you, the very great majority never plays lottery. Rich people prefer show off and deal with the casino. Las Vegas is the most polluting city of planet…

Abandonment of the video games
degradation of our young people, programming of future warriors, disturb the motricity of the body, dumb the creativity…

Abandonment of the gasoline
don't buy from the 2 most important oil companies of your country; limit your displacements to bare essential; practise the car sharing… Live simply in Nature!

Abandonment of the perfumes
the perfume dumb the sentinel of the sense of smell; amazing profits; wash yourselves in place… eat natural foods.

Abandonment of sports
very very badly distributed money, programming of idolatry of the people (of unhealthy practices of life). ALL the professional sports are used only as windows for the promotion (publicity) of unhealthy consumables (beers, cigarettes, junk fook, luxury articles…). They real sport is to try to defy the drug tests...

Abandonment of the artists
who all are of the clowns at the service of a business controlled more and more by the Authorities. You must be conscious of the words and the images which One forces the popular artists to produce. True artists should produce and distribute themselves their songs in MP3 format.

Abandonment of the Olympics
money wasting, all country are involved in debt for the construction of the infrastructure, destruction of individuals… Idolatry of models which all are doped at various levels, by various chemical substances. It is not any more a noble event but a business.

Abandonment of the vaccines
virulent poisons which produce profitable patients at more or less long run. It does not matter what the “officials" say to you, there is always no scientific proof that vaccination prevents the epidemics. Those which speak in favour of vaccination are ALL of the people who benefit from this hyper lucrative market hype.

Abandonment of the chemtrails
discharges in the atmosphere of pollutants, bacteria, toxic wastes… The planes which spit on us the filths (virus, toxic residues that one cannot even lay out on the ground, or the chemical elements to create a radiation screen…) have pilots, they use airports, trucks supplies them. Thus there are people which know people who work in the execrable business of the chemtrails. Track these people, denounce them, inform us of their coordinate… Neutralize these airports. Take to the maximum of photographs trails and odd clouds… a forthcoming site will post them all. One will be obliged to answer and justify… Why not track those airplanes with the help on the internet community... until they land somewhere...

Abandonment of candies
numbness of the feelings. Love your children instead of buying them with delicacies.

Abandonment of chewing gums
almost all contain of the aspartame. Reduce the potential of digestion by wasting the concentration of saliva, first stage of digestion.

Abandonment of the fluorined toothpastes and Fluorine
fluorine is a poison which even Hitler used. It is known as the most toxic chemical. Support the manipulation of the individuals by his reaction on the brain.

Abandonment of iodized salt
another very toxic halogen… which affects the human brain. Ask yourself about the massive use of halogens, the most toxic elements of the periodic table (fluorine 9, chlorine 17, bromine 35, and iodine 53). Why the Authorities forces us to consume iodine (salt), chlorine (water, pool), fluorine (water, toothpaste) and bromine (pool, pastery, energy drinks)??? All their contaners have a skull image on them (highly toxic!). WHY???

Abandonment of fast-food
clog the body and the spirit, slow vital Energy and the creativity, pollute of the organism and the environment, causes the dependence with medications. Many junk food companies finance children hospitals... WHY???

Abandonment of the restaurants
unhealthy food, devitalized, transformed, contaminated, full of various chemicals. Distracting environment for eating reducing the power of digestion…

Abandonment of the congresses
handling of the middle-class, programming of the masses, brainwashing towards an overconsumption.

Abandonment of pyrotechnics and fireworks
useless pollution. Look at the starry sky instead; learn astronomy: contemplate the Moon.

Abandonment waste of time at work
cease speaking of unimportant things, stop arriving late at work, and to leave earlier, to take long coffee breaks, to stroll… the majority of the workers work really 20 hours out of 40. Instead of thinking of diverting yourself of your work because it is annoying, thus think of improving your work, of improving the production, the products or the services of your company. Also cease robbing things at work (paper, pencil, equipment…). At the end of the line, it is all the economy which suffers from this waste of time and these stollen goods.

Abandonment of the congestions/traffic jams
practise car sharing, use your car for the minimum need, shift your hours of displacement at the city.

Abandonment of the army, the war
denounce all enrolment, «bombard» the families of soldiers with emails; refuse to make business with money of the army…
The American military budget for the year 2008 was of more than 500 billion dollars.
500.000.000 000 ÷ 2.008 years ÷ 365 ÷ days 24 hours = 28.425
What represents a horary expense of 28,425$
continual since the birth of Jesus-Christ.

Abandonment of cereals
clog the organization (allergies, colds, inflammation, runing noze...), dumb the brain, deform the hip and thighs of the women…

Abandonment of the history classes

they teach only the negative aspects of the past, without withdrawing lessons from them (wars).

Abandonment of the demonstrations/manifestations/protests

what makes the majority of the demonstrators antimondialists after a protest? They run in convenience stores, they go in bars, restaurants… to continue to celebrate… without realizing that stupidly they nourish by their purchases (cigarettes, alcohols, food industrialized, drugs…) the globalization which they naively believe to fight!!!


Clean up your house, your apartment, the attic, the basement, the garage... Throw away or sell all that is not useful to you, whcich does not help you to evolve/move forward.

SUGGEST your onw abandonments or developp those.


Firstly, do not waste your time to email us your shit against these suggestions of elimination of the useless ones.
We saw and heard all of them. If you like yourselves in living in the current «mud», good for you.
Do not bother us with your vociferating emails.
Quite simply, go your way and we wish you: GOOD COMPOSTING, we will need some to rebuild the next civilization.


Do the maximum...

It is to each of us to determine what is necessary to consume, what is beneficial for its reality, its health.
It would be necessary to reduce to the maximum our overconsumptions.
It should well be understood that it is only one “hard” blow to be given.
More the boycotts will be numerous and simultaneous, more the change or disappearance of Undesirable will be fast.
The faster the transition is, the less it is “painful”.
Who is not tired to see himself imposed products, ideas, behaviors?
If we continue to consume those packed filths and well publicized, which clog our body, which numbs our spirit, the Authorities will continue to produce increasingly dangerous products. And it will be increasingly difficult, each other month, to resist the programmings, because the “evil” enters in us. And the “evil” attracts the evil.
The planetary intoxication follows an exponential growth.
We are not any more in the years 1920 or 1950. All is accelerated. The distribution networks are much more important and effective: it is much easier to generate information campaigns to plug the people

TO SUBMIT your personal actions of consumption and publicity of this web site::

"I wish to register to the mailing list of PlanetShift"
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is possible
by the UNION

Apple: symbole of Health; inversion of one image of the modern technology (Apple).
Green leaf: regeneration of the Planet.
Bite: it is necessary to make disappear California, sits of the propaganda of our unhealthy lifestyle for the body and planet.

Remove your money from banks.

Convert your savings, your bank deposits, investments in paper money or gold. The banks do not have enough money to pay everyone. More people realize this action, the quicker the banking system will collapse, getting rid of those bankers.

Use that money to buy you a lot where you will be able to produce your own food and that all year-round. Buy instruments and tools to use your creativity. Buy materials, books, plans, iPads packed with applications and documents ...

Take a year off... You deserve it. We all deserve to take at least one sabbatical year... we worked like crazy since the Second war...

Sell all that is useless.

Use your savings while there is still time.
Invest in your self-sufficiency. This is possible only in the countries situated between the tropics.

Sell your property, your car, your stereo, your cell phone...
and JOIN E.D.E.N.


We concede to all residents, all living organisms, the same right to live freely on this planet.

“Man may well make the most beautiful objects, they will never be comparable to the work of Nature. They can not participate in its evolution. You do not love the earth if you claim to have the right to sell it in exchange for money. One must not love this planet to sack it only to make a profit, causing pollution and its destruction.”