The definition of eden in the dictionary is : a place or state of great happiness; an unspoiled paradise.

This is maybe not the first time that you heard about an EDEN project. I can assure you that this one is particular.
Here, E.D.E.N. stands for Environment for a Divine Evolution in Nature.
How E.D.E.N. started ?
Some people had the vision this civilization collapsing. This is not new, and surely not a hoax. Please realize that ALL past civilizations collapsed. ALL of them without exception. The leaders refuse to learn the lessons of the past.
Each time there is a small number of humans that are informed of a future end. And thus they work many months or many years to prepare themselves : they build arch, big boat, pyramid, they dig caves etc.

In our time, the fall will be worse because there are more people, and they are more dependent on the system (money, food, energy, transport, communication).
It seems urgent for some individuals to seek and find a place where it will be possible to survive, no matter what happens in industrialized countries. An environment of Peace & Love, without any stress, without any Authority.
All governments of all countries are corrupt, they lie, hide the truth, plotting ... they kill or order to kill people and destroy the planet (permit companies to do so).
Do we have to endure another 2 000 years? You really want your children and their children to be slaves in a society that is always at risk?
All citizens around the globe know that governments are corrupt, that politicians lie and steal, yet they continue to vote for them, continue to listen to their speaches and worse, to be frightened by them.
Several individuals or groups are fighting the Authorities, denounce them, they even manifest against them. It is time to realize that it does not change absolutely nothing, it just slows down their scripts, slightly upset their schedule.
THE ONLY WAY to get rid of demonic Authorities is simply by ceasing to feed them... Stop feeding the Beast : it will die (or change). We must absolutely cut the wind to sail because the boat adrift.
What is proposed by PeupleConscient is not another revolution or another rebellion of people against the government. There is no use to fight evil forces, they expect that in fact (and it is oddly prepared). To figth Evil is giving it Power. The action is naturally to assert our divine part and live as a free living organism on the planet communal.

I leave the visions of doom to others. I had the vision of hope, of the future, of the behond. E.D.E.N. is what will be after the major planetary shift, that some had the intuition of a mutation. E.D.E.N. is the answer of what will be next? How the new human will live? And in this sense, E.D.E.N. is the best place to prepare for the mutation, and possibly the best place to be when this actual insane civilization will collapse.

So, how will live the survivors, the mutants? How to not relive the same nightmares? How to resist the the Homan Power Trip? The past is a great teacher if you take time to analyze it, to separate the good form the bad, the truth from the false. And to do so, one must establish fondations and reference marks.
It is easy, even without the Vision, to scratch off the bad stuff. Imagine yourself, or a small group, living on a deserted tropical island. There would be no use of many actual social things. Your actual behavior would totaly changed and be oriented toward survival, which is to master the Nature's Elements.
Politic, Religion, Medecine are of no use. Everyone is naked and equal. If one do not "work", he die. As simple as that. Humans are animals, mamals. Humans should live in Nature and not falsly protected i cemented cities.
Earth, Water, Fire and Air. These are the four Elements of Nature.

The four basic activities of a Human are:
- to be protected from the Elements
- to harvest or grow food
- to reproduce (find a mate)
- to protect his assets

So, what is really E.D.E.N.? First the no no.
E.D.E.N. is a place where there is no authority at all, no myths, no money, no possessions, no work, no boss, no priest or preacher, no doctor.
It is an Environment for a Divine Evolution in Nature, following his Laws.
E.D.E.N. is a large farm composed of what I call "island of living". An "island of living" is an area where an individual, a couple oar a family is responsable for all living organisms within this spce. Those islands of living are contiguous, linked together by trails. No use of bulldozers, nor vehicule needed.