Never the kind of earthly existence proposed by E.D.E.N. was proposed or initiated. A community without laws, without authority, without diseases, without stress... where people (edenians) only follow the Laws of Nature and the Universe.

Like all the new revolutionary ideas (or visions), E.D.E.N. is not suitable to everyone, nor it will be recognized by the majority as the ultimate solution to all your existence problems around the planet.

The Human is stubborn and perpetuates the same mistakes, because of his own material desires. It is time to learn from the past and then bury it. We live in the shit of our predecessors (parents). And man seems to delight in its mire.

So far, it was difficult for humans to abandon their bad habits because they were no paradisiac environment. The distance of Nature taken by civilized men necessarily causes distortions, deviations, hardships and miseries.

The humans are too cling to the past, overemphasize material. And thus perpetuate envy, resentment, jealousy, revenge ... and wars.
The only way to liberate yourselves from the injustices and absurdities of modern civilization is to free yourself from the past. We must start anew. And for that, it takes us a new structure.

There is enough space on this planet so that all may live freely and in abundance (offered by Nature and not by an unfair economic system).
E.D.E.N. is the opportunity for a small group of individuals (initially from 100 to 1000) to live an experience that will mark the history of man, that establish a new genesis from evidence of past civilizations.

New terms are defined: edenian, to edenize, edenization. The edenization is the action of edenize which is the basic principle of operation of this new structure:
at any time, in any place, seek to improve what is possible in our surrounding.