If you read this document, it is because you wonder about your role in scenarios that the Authorities try to impose upon you.

More and more people in most countries are dissatisfied with social conditions that worsen (political, economic, justice, war...). Yet, the vast majority of citizen seems totally apathetic. The resignation is fashionable!

By the help of Internet, alarming scenarios, revelations of conspiracy, warnings against the New World Order screenplays abound. They are permitted for one reason: to scare more the people! Capitalism exists only through the cynicism of its high priests! The perversity of the Authorities is only to satisfy their thirst for power and wealth. And to quench this thirst, it takes human subjects as obedient followers.

All the Medias are controlled by increasingly powerful Authorities. They publish, print, put on TV exactly what they want you to know, rather than what you thought. The illusion is everywhere. Sensationalism hides lies. A scandal is forgotten by the arrival of another scandal. Hollywood is just a big industry used to program the human’s mind. Authorities are trying simply to produce a band of brainless dreamers.

The rights and freedoms of human are increasingly restricted. The number of laws and controls increases almost exponentially (40,000 new laws on Jan. 1st 2010 in USA !!!). The worker is choking, but he has to continue slavery. The citizen is bullied, but he is obliged to entertain himself, to take drugs. You are increasingly dissatisfied with your reality.

The human places the pleasure at center of his life, and if there is a superior aspiration, it is controlled by anther business, that is religion. There is a distinction to be drawn between the natural delight and artificial pleasure. The denatured human (far from Nature) stuffs himself with artifices that are required to be marketed. It is a bottomless pit that always leads to dissatisfaction and to the quest for greater sensation. The society exploits the senses like it exploits the planet. Distraction prevents reflection.