Facing the social monstrosities increasingly ubiquitous, they are only three normal reactions possible: ignorance, submission or rebellion...

Here is where the majority of journalists are. They even ridicule all conspiracy’s scenarios that are denounced (their job depends on it). Most people are either in poverty or in a reality ruled by entertainment. They do not think and prefer to ignore the threats of canvas planned by the leaders. The human tries to enjoy life the most, even in times of crisis (economic).

Fear feed largely by alarmist information encourage the submission. Humans agree to comply with the multiple requirements of Authorities (political, economic and religious).

Manifestations (protests) are multiplying. Some seem to bear fruit... but in the global scene, they are useless... in fact, they simply feed the System. The majority of protesters are unaware that they nourish the System they denounce: eating habits, clothing, entertainment, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs...

Protesting against any Authority give him more strength, it is only steeping into his own game (with his rules). The leaders are increasingly organized and possess weapons increasingly powerful.

The globalization process is firmly established, there is no going back possible. All governments are necessarily involved and strictly follows the program established since several years. You can not fight it!

The anarchist is messy and not creative. It is easy to cut a branch, but difficult to regrafted it...

But there is a fourth reaction course!
Simply stop feeding the Beast... neglecting the words of leaders, and escape the destructive actions of the Authorities.

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