E.D.E.N. is an acronym for Environnement for a Divine Evolution in Nature (Environnement pour une Divine Evolution en Nature).
All civilisation has a start and an end, it is the true principle of evolution. Whatever the technology’s progresses, we cannot thwart the cycles of Nature, of the Universe.

More and more the human beings believe firmly that we approach the extinction of this civilization, the term “apocalypse” was never so popular.
The idea of E. D.E.N. has arisen following a vision of what will be the next civilization. Before the fall of a civilization, there is always a small group of individuals who are “aware” of the disaster to come and are thus are able to prepare to cross the transition. The others, including those who ridicule these “doomsayers”, simply perish.

The genesis of the concept of E.D.E.N. must meet the following premise: do not repeat the mistakes of past civilizations. History is taught in school recounts only the atrocities perpetuated by all peoples who have emerged on this planet.

You were taught with conviction that human beings have been driven away from the “paradise” and was condemned to live in pain! All this, to sell you a liberating solution: to have faith/to pray the invisible! At the same time, religions are responsible for the worst human abominations, the most deadly wars. They killed, tortured, burned, torn, tortured, persecuted... crucified... upon the name of a fictional character invented by people in power! All this, to keep docile flocks of humans enslaved by the good shepherd... handsomely fed and entertained.

The human beings moved away from Nature simply just to agglomerate in urban centers serving only to feed the sensory needs of a handful of lazy individuals in power. It was believed that humans should rise above its animal status, and that a fringe of scientists could control Nature. But Nature can not be controled... any human attemp just produce chaos... we have many proofs now.
In recent decades, the “Back To Nature” is becoming more and more popular. But, most attempts fail because the participants repeated the same mistakes of the society they condemned, returning to the same structure... only the scenery changes and not the relational actions.

To get closer to Nature, we must agree to follow His laws and not the laws made by humans deranged.

E.D.E.N. is not a question of bringing the man to be moved by his low instincts, but rather to offer him the opportunity to regain its natural existence.

Why Men should devote their existence to work for (be at the service of) other humans?

Why can not we all live in harmony with Nature like all other living organisms from this ecosystem?

There is no point in fighting anyone or anything. Just simply choose (find) a nice area, secure, self-sufficient... and live happily in the Here & Now!
E.D.E.N. wants to offer the opportunity to grow with minimum constraints, in total freedom. All philosophies sought to establish guidelines for attracting pleasure and to avoid pain. The existence of humans should be centered around this duality.

As a living organism, the human must naturally follow these rules:

1) build a shelter (protection against the Elements)
2) find and produce its food
3) defend its territory, its possessions
4) get a mating partner

The improvement that distinguishes E.D.E.N. lies at all four levels. First, the tropical environment facilitates the realization of a shelter against the Elements. Second, food self-sufficiency is easier all year round. The third point, there is the main distinction: E.D.E.N. is based on total sharing (since there are plenty in all), the real social expression of love. Fourth, ... well, this is a personal matter and that the expression of love... naturally emerging when evolving completely free and happy.

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