E.D.E.N. is a land composed of « islands of living » and « islands of creativity », all linked together by traiis.

An island of living is an certain area that its maintenance is the responsibility of an individual, a couple or a family. The Edenians of an island are responsable of all living organisms within this area. Depending of the region, the size varies a lot.

Each island of living has its own particularity, produce something in excess (one or two - fruits or vegetables). This way, the edener/s has always something to give away, is/are useful for the community. The exchange of products is the base of self-sufficiency.

We reside in an island of living for a season or a year. One can change of island if he/she find another island to make the exchange, or a person to take care of it. The change of island is a question to have (or built) a new place more adapted to the present and near future creativity.

The daily activities in an island of living are : gardening, tree pruning, composting, nurturing plants, maintenance of the trails,.

The children will be encouraged very young and helped to be responsable of their own «island of living» within the one of their parents (including housing and gardening).

An island of creativity is a space where there is a major construction in which all the tools needed for the expressions of this creativity are available to all skilled persons.

All islands of creativity is within an island of living, meaning that the persons residing there (artists, teachers, students) are responsible for those « shop » and lot (lodging, gardening, maintenance).

The islands of creativity serve to produce the specific objects needed for our self-sufficiency and exceeding production goes for exporting in exchange of money (whatever its value then) to be able to maintain all the tools and source of energy and develop other islands.

The main islands of creativity are : nursery, woodworking, potery, sewing, massage and body works, computer, printshop, music recording studio, knitting and crocheting, painting and diverse arts.

All of them serve to produce but as well as schools. Anybody interested in learning or producing his own needed objects are always welcome and encourage.

Those creative environments are developed upon the human resources available.

The same living principles are applied when evoluting on an island of creativity for a while. You must ground yourself, free your mind by gardening, composting, taking care of the trails and water ways (To Eden).